Saturday, October 15, 2005

Is it just me?

Or is Poetry skewing its standards to narrow the range of subjects and style of poems it publishes? I want to like what Wiman is doing with it; I want to find freshness and new horizons. I find narrowness in the last few issues, and an increasingly peevish tone to ALL the work. Does some high-profile editor have on his Cranky Pants? Even the Humor issue had the taint of contemptus mundi. It's discouraging. I need an ivory tower Poetry. I need Parisi's unassailable detachment from writing poetry himself. I suspect the current editors of, well, editorializing through their selections.


  1. oh, it ain't just you. this is very well-articulated and something that my dogs and cats and husband and trout just don't understand. and i thought i was supposed to be on the *pulse* of POetry with this subscription. well, elvis is dead and poetry ain't feeling too good by all recent accounts of this journal--it's peevish, petulant, and then some. and what's worse is that the little litsnob in me wants the same tower, mine ivy-covered, for upper eschalons, top drawers, all that i should be aspiring to, et cetera. and apparently the same thing's going on @ paris review. oy!
    btw, found you roundabout through links via arlene ang and have read you bunches online. had to say *something*

  2. Hi megalo --

    Thanks for finding my blog and having a read. The litsnob in me, too, wants to go back to the good old days when they would never have published the likes of us, we aren't decorated enough. Well, I should just speak for myself. But if there isn't a club that won't have you, what fun is life?

    Paris Review is off my list too. There's still Hudson Review, though -- plenty snooty and full of big names, but they can write a very cordial rejection note.

    Glad you're reading! Thanks.

  3. Rachel,
    always nice to see a thoughtful critique of an editorial reign. But this reminds me I should (again) be reading Poetry -- else I won't be able to join you in pondering whether I should be reading it.