Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New to Reviewing

. . . And liking it. Today The Pedestal posted my review of Oswald LeWinter's two recent poetry collections, Ages of Chaos and Fury and Atoms of Memory. Reviewing forces you to think analytically and contextually and re-read poetry, which I believe is the only way poetry should be read. If it's not worth a re-read, it either isn't poetry or isn't your kind.

I have another book review I'm marketing, and an offer to do more. I think I will. But only enough to stimulate my own thinking, not enough to get in the way of my work. I really think there are too many distractions for the average poet these days. Used to be a poet would hole up in some garret and bohemiate. Nopw there's blogging, workshopping, reviewing, your own promotional web site, and if you're an academic -- oh, yes, teaching and publishing. There are too many other things connected to poetry besides reading and writing it.

But I do like reviewing.

Have a poetic Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice or revelry of your choice!

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  1. Rachel--

    your remark about how one could (more easily, aforetime) "bohemiate" [your coinage? -- nice word at all events] amused me to the degree I felt it deserved a memorializing ghazal. Here's the current draft thereof [these days -- unlike in antiquity of pen & ink -- I'm often blogging a poem then revising / adding / polishing over the next day or so]. Will catch up w/ your review (congrats) anon. Critical writing can indeed have value as an element of one's overall "practice of pondering."

    cheers, d.i.