Monday, June 05, 2006

Boxes of words

I found this little web site that seems to have had the same idea I've had -- squares or paragraphs of words that could be identified as poems or could be identified as short-shorts, or ... It's called Six Little Things, and they have an interesting selection of pieces. I like calling them "pieces." I like the whole idea of losing the right-ragged edge of poetry, losing the paragraphs of prose, losing the identifying marks that make a reader think they know what happens next.

I have a few that are sonnets in disguise (don't tell the editor, in case I send some). They're formal verse in sheep's clothing. It amuses me to send them off to editors I don't imagine will catch on. It amuses me to imagine them being published by one of those magazines that states in their guidelines, "No sonnets, no rhyme."

Stealth sonnets. I call them Cubes. Shhh ...


  1. Interesting link, Rachel - thanks. I'll spend more time reading there over the next few days.

    As to sonnets and nonnets: good poetry is good poetry - whatever the form. Some poets (most poets?) get so wrapped up in form they fail to write a poem. Formed poetry seems to appeal to the beginner. At least it did to me. I wrote exclusively in meter until only recently... never enjambing, strictly iambic and predictable.

    I suppose I'm partly to blame for the no-rhyme rule.

  2. I like some of thos Six Bricks things, nice. Look forward to perusing a Cube or twain.