Thursday, June 22, 2006


Poemeleon is a wonderful find -- if only I had better glasses. This new zine is a beautiful read, except for the teeny-tiny font size, which gives me a headache after about three poems. Editor Cati Porter puts her mission for poemeleon this way:

"poemeleon seeks to make visible the invisible. By placing disparate poems alongside one another I aim to highlight not just their contrasts, but their similarities. To quote Forrest Gander: "Like species, poems are not invented, but develop out of a kind of discourse, each poet tensed against another's poetics, in conversation."

Porter has assembled in the first issue a truly fascinating collection of work by a diverse group of poets, including Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Catherine Daly, Eileen Tabios, Marilyn Taylor and Bob Hickok.

But what's with the eyestraining type? I could become addicted to this site if my optometrist gives the nod. Or if I can find a better painkiller for those headaches.


  1. Ack. You ain't kidding. That's hard to read.

  2. Thanks for the write up! Sorry about the type!

    You know, it was a hard call -- there are a few poems in there with really long, spread out lines. In order to make them fit, and keep the issue uniform, I had to make a choice.

    I'm exploring ways to correct that in the future.

  3. Hey, Cati! Glad to spread the word about poemeleon. I am very impressed with your work there, and appreciate how many poems/poets you included. Yeah, space versus readability is always a tough issue. Looking forward to the next number! And reading more.


  4. Rachel,

    I am definitely hooked - fantastic work, there.

  5. Good stuff, huh? Another fantastic new women-propelled poetry zine. Cati has done an excellent job.

    And good luck with your move! Sounds like it's imminent.

    Rachel too

  6. What a great read! Thanks for the link.

    Quick piece of tech advice: if you're using the Firefox browser, you can make the text larger:

    View | Text Size | Increase

    Or simply press Ctrl + +

    Internet Explorer also has a Zoom feature that does something similar, but it doesn't seem to be as effective at changing text size on most pages. If you're looking for an excuse to download and install Firefox, this is it.