Saturday, July 08, 2006

Momentary and yet momentous

Was part of my answer to the question, What makes good poetry in the early years of the 21st century? at YahooAnswers.

2River editor Richard Long put up the question and it already looks as though he'll get interesting answers from some interesting poets. Want to answer the question? Click on the first link above.


  1. Thanks Rachel, that was fun. I ended up finding prose inadequate for the purpose (resorting to the strategem of composing a poem that seeks to address the problem). Perchance I fail to formulate a satisfying cognitive solution; but possibly (by way of consolation prize) a not-unsatisfying bon-mot of a poem may be experienced, in lieu. ;-)

    Also blogged same (w/ due notes & et ceteras).


  2. Enjoyed your poem, "Not to Have Missed the Orb Spiders," at Stirring. Wonderful imagery. Especially liked the notion -- "small things block the vast". Yes. Good work Rachel.

  3. Sam,

    Thanks! I didn't know it was up already. Thanks for liking that line, too. It's my favorite in the poem, a moment to window on the vast there behind the daily.