Thursday, September 13, 2007

More bloghopping + RU Backed-up?

No, not that backed-up. The digital variety, and now's the time to do something you've always been meaning to do, if you haven't already secured off-site backup:
Cnet article - online backups
PC World article - old but still good

Sheer visual-poetic-quirk-fest fun site -- Robin Reagler's:
Big Window
More bloghopping TK


  1. Thanks for linking to Big Window.

    Which online backup system do you recommend. I've been using Mozy at home, but I haven't done much in the way of comparison.

  2. You're entirely welcome. Your site is a treat.

    The online backup I'm using -- 30-day free trial, it's just an experiment -- is iomega. Unfortunately, it's Mac-hostile, so the only interface I can use is kludgy. I'm going to keep looking around. Right now, I gmail files to myself to ensure critical files are saved offsite. If/when I find something really great for Mac users, I'll post more info on my experience.