Saturday, July 19, 2008

More discoveries

The Page!!!

Links to all things poetry -- articles, zines, reviews, new work by major poets, essays and interviews. All neatly organized and click-through-able. Links to articles on poets and poetry begin with a quote and the author and magazine in bold, so you get a quick sampling of what's available and can click through to the full text. Left and right sidebars link to publications and new work. Of course, it's mostly the usual suspects, Poetry, The Atlantic, The Guardian and The New Yorker, etc., but they go so far into the small press world as to link to Silliman's blog and Every Other Day. It's a useful site, if heavily skewed to the establishment.

Today I received in the mail Paul Hostovsky's excellent chapbook Dusk Outside the Braille Press. I'm not going to review it here, but I will say I had high expectations and it does not disappoint. You would not be sorry to order it.

I've also been re-reading Barbara Crooker's poignant and joyful new book, Line Dance. And having delicious advance peeks at the manuscripts of two friends. I really recommend manuscript swapping. It's an intense and educational process, considering a work that's still in progress and asking yourself what you might comment on that could be useful. I'm still working on my comments (you know who you are -- if you're reading this blog, you'll be hearing from me soon) because I want to offer ideas that will honor these beautiful books-in-the-making.


  1. "Links to all things poetry -"

    And is my cafe listed? No. Another list left off of .. oh boo hoo, boo hoo, and whine.

    All things poetry is too big to catalog, I think, and most lists are compiled with some kind of agenda in mind. In many cases it's more about money than anything.

    "Heavily skewed" is an accurate assessment of the MSM (the establishment), isn't it?


  2. Thanks for posting The Page link--I love being able to access small and glitzy mags all on one page.

    Barbara is a fine poet.

    Yes, three cheers for swapping manuscripts. I have been on both sides, and there's nothing better. Why pay for advice when you can get it from a friend!?

  3. Rachel--I'm so pleased to read your nice comments about the work of Paul Hostovsky who is a friend of mine. You are absolutely right that he is a poet who is going places. In fact, he's just won a Pushcart. More good news: his first book will be coming soon from Main Street Rag Press.

  4. Diane --

    How nice to know he's a friend of yours. I look forward to getting his new book. I'll check out the Main Street Rag Press site and see about ordering.