Saturday, May 30, 2009

California and seeds

News of California's fiscal totaling is just hitting the media. It's as pretty a picture as any pileup ever coned off on the fast lane of a freeway. This isn't a poetry blog entry, but a lament. I can only respond to what may shortly be an official disaster by gardening. That's right, gardening. Because the first response to devastation must always be new seeds taking hold. As I learned on a lava field in Hawaii, a wasteland is always fertile ground. As is any failure or loss. So tomorrow I'm planting, and not just a victory garden to get through a lean time for myself, but a little something of beauty to remind the earth that that's what it wants to be, no matter what we do on its surface.

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  1. During a retrospective newscast on the 20th anniversary of the explosion of Mt. St. Helen's, I heard the same thing. The morning after, the landscape looked like a moonscape, and one couldn't imagine it would recover. But it did, and gloriously.

    I've noticed the same thing in a post-hurricane landscape. After Wilma blew through South Florida in 2005, I would weep on my way to work--so much broken foliage. But now, it's fully back, although some trees have some interesting shapes.