Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bloghopping & twitterflitting

Just blogrolled Michelle McGrane's appealing and eclectic blog, Peony Moon. Featured today is an exhibition of poems about sharks. Yes, "sharks, poets and other endangered species."

#Iranelection has been moving fast again since Rafsanjani spoke against the government at Friday prayers. This morning if I looked away for long, 32 or more tweets had scrolled on this topic. This one especially interested me:

@WomenOfIran: Challenging old traditions: #women stood in front of men in prayer lines on Fri #iranelection #iran. The link takes you to a photo. Changing of the old order!

And there have probably been 50 or more tweets since I began typing this.


  1. Thank you, lovely Rocket Kid Rachel.

  2. Kenneth Rosen10:05 AM

    Dear Rachel Dacus,

    I'm writing in behalf of the poet Oswald LeWinter, who had a massive stroke earlier this year and is presently in a rehab hospital in South Carolina. Oswald, who I have know since I was an undergraduate at Penn State, nearly 50 years ago, no longer has a computer or internet access. He hopes you can help him track down a review of his work by the South African critic, Anthony Bennett, which appeared in the first issue if The Modern Review. If you know where this review might be archived or to whom I might write about it, please write me at, whereupon I will print it out and send it Oswald at the following address:

    Oswald LeWinter
    Oakbrook Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
    920 Travelers Boulevard
    Summerville, SC 29485

    I'm sure this is a startling request to pop up on your blog, but Oswald asked me to try to find you and the Bennett review, so I'm giving it a try. I'm a poet, but I'm not very good at blogs. I'm not even good at carrying a cellphone.

    Thanks for your attention.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Kenneth Rosen