Monday, August 24, 2009


A curious word, yet perhaps apt for poetry. Recently I've heard a lot of talk about submitting to magazines, and I've been doing a lot of submitting while thinking that the act of sending poems out into the ether (better known as the USPS) is metaphorical. We try to become still enough to receive ideas through internal channels we little understand. Sending them back out the same way is appropriate, it seems to me. Conception and like giving birth are all about surrender. Meditation and writing are the same.

Bloghopping: added to my blogroll recently Shannon Cain's The Literary Activist and Vince Gotera's The Man With the Blue Guitar.


  1. This reminded me of something only half-related. I once found a feminist publication through Duotrope (don't remember its name) that insisted that "submission" was an anti-feminist word and that one should say "offering" instead. I'm making them sound crazier than they really were. Anyway, I sent them a couple of poems and they took their time responding. I queried them months later and they said they had lost my "offering."

  2. I always cringe a little when writing "submission" but "offering" just sounds too funny. I've never found a better word. I suppose the connotation in "offering" of giving our poems away also makes me cringe! Poetry is such a humbling affair.