Friday, August 28, 2009

video poetry

Thinking about this new form, in which video art and poetry combine to create a mini-theatrical or film experience. Two sites have interested me in this light. Blue's Cruzio Cafe, the brainchild of JJ Webb, uses animations of cartoons and artwork to combine with audio readings for a kind of graphic novel effect. Entertaining and light-hearted.

Another take, a more filmic one, on this evolving form is Dave Bonta's Moving Poems. The site has a stunning video poem by expatriate Burmese poet Kyi May Kaung, with striking scenes of puppets and dancers miming puppets, scenes that heighten the intensity of the poem.

Both are now in my blogroll. I'll be checking them often to see what's happening with this new form. And (slight plug) I may be doing another recording for Blue's Cruzio Cafe. The link above takes you to the page where my reading of my poem "One Night Light" is animated by JJ using Patricia Wallace Jones' wonderful artwork.


  1. Thank you for noticing my poetry and the video by Lisa DiLillo.

    I am so proud that after about a dozen years already, the work has a
    life of it's own.

    Kyi May Kaung

  2. Kyi May, it's a penetrating and compelling work. The work always has its own life, doesn't it? Keep doing the good work you do! We are watching and listening.


  3. great to find reference to vid poems.

    i started reading poems prostrate on the floor, underneath the chairs of the listening crowd with a lump of concrete on my chest, suppressing those early, very nervous poems from forming breath. then i made concrete poetry and hid from the horrors of live readings all together. now i make what i call biophysical poems (in some cases physical graffiti) where video has more or less replaced the page.