Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poetry editing & my manuscript on the radio

I've been working on a new book manuscript. With contests in mind, I've elected to have it professionally edited by a poetry editor. As it turns out, he'll be interviewed on a poetry radio show tomorrow. Bryan Roth, Executive Director of the Colorado Poets Association, will use my manuscript and one or two poems from my new manuscript to illustrate the principles of editing a book-length poetry collection.

The show is Dona Stein's half-hour Poetry Show. It airs Sunday on krfc 88.9, streaming live at 5pm Pacific Time, 6 pm Rocky Mountain Time (where it originates). It should be a good discussion of editing and revising poetry. This opens to a link for listening in:

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  1. Dark nights washed by distant rippling trees
    and alien winds covering your eyelids, purifying
    like everything, move on with splendid ease
    leaving us a message: life will never cease
    its sleepy course in vain
    in order to attain
    rebirth, since Death is not and Life is dying.

    The heat around Time's corner waves a scent
    for creedence revival of some virtual vampire
    as deep inside. A force considered spent
    returns from utter non-existence that was meant
    to keep us out of breath -
    Is Life both Life and Death?
    Riddle of the Night! The Day be hot and dire.

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