Monday, October 26, 2009

Web hosting services - any suggestions?

I'm very sad that my supposedly commercial-grade web hosting service,, has been inaccessible and unreachable by phone for more than six hours. I thought that paying a premium price would guarantee good support, information by phone in case of outages, enough backup redundancy to prevent long outages -- say, like six hours! -- to justify paying double what many web hosting services charge.

Recently, they put us through a laborious server upgrade, which cost me about seven hours in tech support calls, for some of which I had to wait more than thirty minutes in line. Now they have an unexplained, long outage and don't even bother to put a message on their telephone line explaining the situation and calming jittery customers., are you listening? I'm taking suggestions for a new multiple-domain hosting service with good tech support that costs less than $14 a month. And works with the Mac OS X.5.7 operating system.

Anyone have ideas? You have my attention!


  1. I have been happy with 1&1, although I just have a simple website. I have even more tech savvy friends and a Dad who still keeps up with the computer world, and they, too, recommended this company.

    I've had my website with them for a year with no unpleasant surprises.

    But again, my needs are simple (and cheap). And I get no kickbacks from recommendations, so I have no vested interest :)

  2. I use Good Karma Host.

  3. ps that is for about 4-5 domains, with poetry hut blog having the most traffic. I don't get a kickback either. - Jilly

  4. every one make a mistake of thinking that paying higher price will bring you great services but it is not the case. problem are with every service provider. one must choose the service depending on the response time.

  5. I use and have been pleased though did have one serious problem a year ago when they upgraded and lost all of my updated pages. A ton of work to redo them, but taught me to save all text in another location. I use their Site Builder templates. Not easy but if you have decent html and computer skills you can do it. Or you can just use them for hosting. Around $10 per month.

    If you're on a Mac, how about Mobile Me ($100 per year) which gives you free website space and templates. Very user friendly.

  6. We host websites at
    I just completed
    Our lowest prices is $14.95/mo. You can email ~Kat

  7. I'm the Escalation Manager for and am VERY sorry to hear of your service issue. Can I work with you directly about this support problem? Can you email with your account info and I'll contact you immediately?


  8. Thank you for a wealth of suggestions! I have lots to research.

    Dear Manager, I'd be happy to discuss with you the issue. I will email you.


  9. Not easy but if you have decent html and computer skills you can do it. Or you can just use them for hosting. thanx