Sunday, February 07, 2010

Swapping books

On Facebook, someone started a chapbook swap page, and so far I've sent and received seven books. Seven poets whose work I can really get to know, and seven new readers of my chapbook and work. I think the idea of swapping poetry books, especially chapbooks, is a wonderful way to broaden your reading and acquaintance in the world of working poets. I have at time swapped full-length books too, though those cost more to exchange. But more poets should read more poets, and this is a way to get it to happen.

Anyone out there want to swap chapbooks? Email me.


  1. Hi, Rachel! You just invited me and so now we're FB friends. I met you at the West Chester conference year before last. You may be happy to know I just received word today I've placed sixth in the Mad Poets Review contest for my villanelle, Phutmose III. Anyway, I'd love to know about the chapbook swap at FB and love to swap with you. I have three chapbooks, Inscapes (Finishing Line), Angel Poison (Pudding House) and Liminalog (Inmates Run The Asylum).

  2. Hi Tree! Yes, we're FB friends. Happy to hear your good news today. I love the villanelle form. Let's do a swap. I have one chapbook, Another Circle of Delight. I'd like to swap for your most recent one. Send me your address on FB message and I'll reciprocate and mail one to you!