Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloghopping + A Recommendation

The Smoking Poet is full of interesting work, including a poem, "Tarnish," by Jim Valvis that I very much like for its simplicity and subtlety. The issue includes a good interview with poet Derek Burleson and reviews of both poetry and prose books. They also have a unique feature "A Good Cause" in which they showcase a charitable project. This warms my fundraiser's heart!

I've had two of my poetry manuscripts edited, the first time I've done this. I'm really glad I did. Not only did it improve the manuscripts (and make me decide to put one on the back burner, needing further work), but it has already improved the responses I typically get from editors on both individual poems and the manuscript as a whole. Economical and well worth it if you consider the cost of contest fees.

Red C Services provides business and literary editing, as well as editing for students. Check it out. If you decide to try an editor, tell Bryan I sent you.


  1. With All Best Wishes!!

  2. Thank you, Rachel, for your kind words about The Smoking Poet. My editors put a great deal of heart and thought into it ... it's wonderful to have that appreciated.

  3. Zinta, I'm so happy to pass on the word of your good work there.

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