Friday, July 02, 2010

Is the print book dead?

Anis Shivani has an interesting article in the Huffington Post that argues for the future of the book in print, and literature in general, as lying with the fearless small presses. It's a series and he invites comment from readers as part of what he plans to address in future articles.

What do you think? Which presses should or should not be mentioned as among the top 25? Is the print book dead with the advent of Kindles, iPads, etc.? I love stashing a small book in my purse to take to a field or park and read. Poetry, of course, or small books about it, like Richard Hugo's delightful Triggering Town. But I know devotees of the Kindle et al delight in having thousands of books tucked in pockets and purses. That does sound like fun, but then I'd have to choose. Sometimes the best part is having only that one little book with you, and no computer.


  1. I love books. The technology has been pretty stable for five hundred years, and it works without batteries or internet connection!

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    No, I don't think the print book is dead. Remember when the VCR first came out and people declared it would end movie theaters? Hasn't happened yet and never will.

    Reading a print book is an ageless experience that will always have a following.

    --Jim Valvis

  3. I believe the printed book is not dead, nor ever saw die like the vinyl record, we do have that advantage over all media and all modes of making art from letters come to the readers

  4. Rachel, I know of no joy like the physical turning of the page.