Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bloghopping for the Holidays

I intend to spend as much of the holiday season as I can reading, and that includes bloghopping around among the amusing, informative, intimate, surprising, and sometimes hilarious posts of my fellow literary bloggers.

Just in a few minutes of bloghopping via my blogroll and those of the blogs I link to, I found these great resources and blogs:

Mira's List (includes funding for writers and artists)

How a Poem Happens

Kristy Bowen

Poetry Publishers Who Accept Email Submissions

I'm slowly, slowly reconstructing my blogroll, lost when ceased operations without warning. Maybe I should take it as a hint from the universe that it's good to clean house sometimes, throw out the old stuff, and start as if you've never before done this. Becoming a novice over and over is an art in itself: cleaning the house of the mind.

Let me know if you have a blog you'd to swap blog links with me!


  1. hi Rachel, sorry to hear about the blogrolling bizniz. I had a blogrolling list for awhile. But something happened to it. As far as swapping links is concerned, I like to sign up as a follower and I frequently follow back those who've followed me.

    By the way, I'm working on a long project that I post on my LuvSet blog. It's going to be 1000 posts long, each post 100 words. I do one post per day. It's sort of a novel and sort of a prose poem.

  2. your blogroll is looking gorgeous. thanks for including me!!

  3. Glenn, sounds like a terrific project! Good luck. I'll be interested to check in periodically and see what you're doing.

    Carolee, thanks! Happy to link to your blog.

  4. Hi,
    'Rocket Kids' has been on my blog list since forever. It's also been listed on The Cruzio Cafe's links page since we created it.

    BTW, The Cruzio Cafe only accepts email subs.

    I sometimes wonder what it is that keeps my sites off links lists ... and have recently come to the conclusion that it's because I don't really publish what the po' community recognizes as poetry. So, I'm looking for a new label for these presentations that excludes using the term "poetry". Any suggestions?