Saturday, March 01, 2014

New poems forthcoming -- send up the fireworks!

I have poems forthcoming in Drunken Boat, Pirene's Fountain (and four poems in the current issue), and The Same Poetry Magazine! Thanks to the editors of those journals. Stay tuned for links to the poems, and while you're at it--it's Send Out Your Work Saturday (a holiday I just made up).

Fascinating discussion of submitting work in the Facebook Writing Conference today.


  1. Rachel I started last year what I call Submission Saturday. I had gotten to where I hated doing submissions. They I went through the better part of last year submitting work each Saturday and my acceptances rose sharply. Now it's become a habit and I am no longer feel put out by doing them. In fact, I actually feel good each time I update my submission tracker.

    Anyway, Congratulations to you!!! I need to go check out your work :-)

    1. Thanks for your congrats, Michael! I like the fact that you dubbed Saturday Submission Day. Even if I only submit one thing on a Saturday, feels like progress.