Grants for Writers (Yes, I'm an Optimist)

Nothing quite like a discussion of money during the holidays to perk up the conversation! In case any of you are considering the option of getting a writer's grant, I found a useful resource on grants available to writers here:

Grants for Individual Writers

Among the many links, The Foundation Center's is very useful, providing not only further links to grantmaking organizations, but also a bibliography and periodicals list. I especially like the Funds for Writers web site, which offers updated items on grants with upcoming deadlines, and also has sectionson markets and contests too:

Funds for Writers

I haven't yet cranked up the nerve to try, but I'm considering it. What's the magic formula? A combination of publications and academic credentials, I suspect, though I've seen non-prof types win some of these things. I'm working on the pub credits before approaching these sources. I figure publishing is such a crapshoot that grants might be too. My pub average is about 1 in 17: for every 17 subs I send out, I get one yes. Imagine if actual dollars were attached!

On another note, I just discovered that Blogger allows me to change font colors. Okay, this won't be happening often. I also can insert photos, using a handy little tool in the upper right corner of the toolbar. Here goes:

[Okay, that didn't work at all ...]