Blogging a book

Kay Day is doing something remarkable: creating a book on her blog. She has a story to tell about an incarcerated young man who hasn't been given a fair deal, and she just can't wait for the traditional print publishing process to get it out. Her blog, One Night for Life, tells of 18-year-old Taylor Wells' crime and punishment is double-layered: the story of a young man unfairly sentenced and of a writer, a complete stranger to Taylor, who is compelled to take up his story and his cause.

How many others will elect to self-publish in this immediate way? There's something selfless about the idea, in the same way that political bloggers have changed the face of journalism without even thinking about how/whether they'll be compensated for their labors.

It gets you thinking about the value of writing, and the way as a society we value it. Or don't.