May 11 - this day in history

Have you ever googled your birthday and the phrase "this day in history"?

I learned that on May 11, 1949, the day of my birth, Siam changed its name to Thailand. Well, if that doesn't set the tone for a whole life, I don't know what does. Could the name change be the reason I've never found the twin I've always suspected I was separated from at birth.

Should you want to try this experiment, and learn the hidden meaning of your life, you can find out at Infoplease. Better than googling your name.

Which is how I just found out that my new poetry book, Femme au chapeau, is officially available from David Robert Books. The title poem is based on a Matisse portrait of his wife displayed at SFMOMA. The painting stopped me in my tracks and initiated my portrait sonnet sequence, which continues on beyond this collection and into my current manuscript. I like the idea of pairing the similar challenges of capturing an entire person in 14 lines or one frame.

Ordering information on the page isn't yet up, but will be soon. You can contact me by email if you want to purchase a signed copy.

A very nice birthday present, indeed.