Ashbery - Oh No, Not Another One!

I wasn't going to take it, I didn't have time, believe in quizzes, couldn't get the link to work, etc. Then someone sent me a link that worked and ... SOB! ...

"You are John Ashbery. People love your work but have no idea why, really. You are respected by all kinds of scholars and poets. Even artists like you."

If you're feeling self-destructive, take the Which Famous Modern Poet Are You quiz at Quizzilla. And weep.

I know it was the Philosophy question that sandbagged me. I should have said No. I should have said, What Is Philosophy? Anything but I Like Philosophy!

If you find yourself seriously addicted to personality tests, you might need this book. Meanwhile, I'm off to find out why I have an obsessive need to keep changing my Windows Appearance and Themes. More signs of Ashbery, I fear.