Thoreau's blogging

Don't know if you're a way-back fan as I am, but -- who knew? -- Henry David Thoreau's blogging. Can it be that the author of the simple life has discovered the Internet? As he said in today's post:

My practicalness is not to be trusted to the last. To be sure, I go upon my legs for the most part, being hard-pushed and dogged by a superficial common sense which is bound to near objects by beaten paths, I am off the handle, as the phrase is—I begin to be transcendental and show where my heart is.

Thoreau's heart, apparently, is with the new online frontier. Marca Bradt, on the Utne Reader site: writes, "In a time when insightful pondering and deep reflection seem passe, along comes a visionary blogger posting the daily musings of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau's journal entries will fortify your day, every day of the year, with wisdom that resonates profoundly 150 years later." I'll second that.

Question of the day: if you were a famous diarist, which one would you be? I hate to admit it, but I used to think I'd be Madame de Sevigne. Then I decided Anis Nin. I outgrew that, and Thoreau too -- I thought. Now I want to be Thoreau again, especially the going home at night to have his mother cook for him part. (Did you know that? My kind of naturalist!)