Call for Submissions

I don't know about you, but I browse Calls for Sub the way a chocoholic browses a Godiva shop window. I just find it so much easier to organize my submitting around other people's ideas, I guess. I have now landed in 3 theme anthologies as a result.

And I keep looking, mostly for anthologies, but also for special issues on magazine web sites. The classifieds in Poets & Writers are my favorites -- the cherry-cream-filled dark chocolate bonbons of anthology requests abound -- and I also find them at

This Call for Submissions that came across my desk, via Ivy Alvarez' blog, is wild. I wish I had a poem to respond with, but maybe you do. This is a call for poems based on the tv series Twin Peaks. As Private Press puts it: "Seeking poems that relive the weirdness and wonder of David Lynch's Twin Peaks for an exciting chapbook anthology, A Slice of Cherry Pie."

Now that's an original theme for an anthology.