Vacation Mind

So I'm heading off soon on vacation, and wondering how to get my mind to go along with me. With many projects on various burners -- back and front -- I don't even feel like vacationing. Ever have so many things you want to do that you're tempted to make it a writer's retreat instead of a vacation? Having let that happen once, I'm doing everything I can to get my mind to take its vacation, but I have a feeling it's going to have inspiration-lag. This is why I started the Airplane Poem series.

Cool thing happened to me today -- besides bonding in the purse aisle of my store with a total stranger, solving each other's longstanding purse issues -- a friend stopped me on my walk and recited his recent creation. It was an incredible poem -- called something like "What I Throw in the Grave." It was a top-of-head-off poem, beautiful, moving, spare, elegiac yet life-affirming. If I get a copy of it, I'll post it (with his permission).

That's a good day: one in which you hear/read a memorable poem. That's vacation mind.