What does it mean when you're blogging instead of sleeping? Is this the new form of dreaming? Apparently I'm not alone. Over at Culturecat, they're having paranoid blog dreams. I've run across blog dream journals, an interesting concept. (Why would anyone but me and my therapy group be interested in my dreams?) Also blogs about dream jobs, dream thises and thats, in the sense of fantasies, and of course the erotic dream blogs, which I won't give you links to -- we're not that kind of blogger!

Here's a Google search conundrum: look at how different the returns are when you google DREAM BLOG compared to BLOG DREAM. I'm using caps because I didn't google either term in quotes -- that being quite a different kind of search. DREAM BLOG produced the fantasy sort, while BLOG DREAM showed the way to all the dream journals.

No, I'm not posting my latest dream here. It isn't that kind of blog. Just blog-somnia.