There are days I feel techsavvy and days I feel like Homer Simpson.

Guess which one this is. I just bought a new Blackberry 7100 phone on Saturday. Yes, I can make calls on it -- even receive calls and pick up my voicemail. I even composed a poem on the Notepad. A short poem -- all those button pushes or weird guesses from the software, with no backspace button that doesn't delete.

But can I figure out how to configure my account to receive email on it? Let me put it this way. I was smart enough to configure my husband's so that HE receives my email.

I really do feel like Homer, and not the smart one. If I return it to the store to get the Treo, will it make me feel even dumber?

On the other hand, I LOVE my new iMac. Why do I keep buying non-Apple things?