A good day in poetry

I have been thoroughly enjoying my National Poetry Month exercise of writing and reading at least one poem a day. Today's exercise was especially rewarding. I found a delightful article by Naomi Shihab Nye about the idea of "sneaking poems into your day." I wrote a poem I felt happy to consider revising -- always a sign of inspirational fruitfulness, the itch to make it better. And I was emailed by Felicia Sullivan, Editor of Small Spiral Notebook, that a rave review of Femme au chapeau was just posted by reviewer Laura McCullough.

As I survey my direction in poetry -- look out, here comes a major brag -- I feel significantly encouraged. Femme au chapeau has had a series of excellent notices:
The Pedestal Magazine
Smartish Pace
Alsop Review
Comstock Review
Small Spiral Notebook

I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

Hapy Easter! Hope you wrote or read a poem, took a walk, or otherwise worshipped in the wide style of embracing the earth.