Mezzocammin, the new formalistas and Fringe

Another stunning new zine that just launched is Mezzocammin, a journal devoted to new formal poetry by women, especially contemporary women poets. In the first issue, I found one of my favorite formalistas, the amazing, aptly named Kate Light. The editors also plan a women poets timeline, which they describe this way:

We will also, starting in our December issue, be featuring a women poets timeline, known as "The Timeline Project," which will eventually be the largest database devoted to women's poetry in the world.

Sounds exciting, if a bit vague. Actually, they're inviting comments about the idea, so I imagine they haven't nailed it down totally, except to announce that it will be the definitive world database on women's poetry. How about just starting with the world's largest database of women's poetry in form?

The idea appeals to me, especially as they say in their guidelines they encourage experimentation even within the confines of formal poetry. Kay Ryan is what I suppose they mean by formal and innovative -- and maybe some of the more fearless adaptations of the sonnet I've read in Kate Light's books.

Stay tuned. More new discoveries to come. Anyone have any interesting new magazines to suggest?

By the by, I just got six poems -- count 'em, SIX -- in another innovative new journal I hadn't yet had time to blog about: Fringe Magazine. "The noun that verbs your world." Gotta love a litmag with a slogan like that. They describe the journal as innovative, by/for those on the fringe -- sounds perfect. The issue my work will be in goes live on July 1. Read for yourself.