Poemeleon is a wonderful find -- if only I had better glasses. This new zine is a beautiful read, except for the teeny-tiny font size, which gives me a headache after about three poems. Editor Cati Porter puts her mission for poemeleon this way:

"poemeleon seeks to make visible the invisible. By placing disparate poems alongside one another I aim to highlight not just their contrasts, but their similarities. To quote Forrest Gander: "Like species, poems are not invented, but develop out of a kind of discourse, each poet tensed against another's poetics, in conversation."

Porter has assembled in the first issue a truly fascinating collection of work by a diverse group of poets, including Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Catherine Daly, Eileen Tabios, Marilyn Taylor and Bob Hickok.

But what's with the eyestraining type? I could become addicted to this site if my optometrist gives the nod. Or if I can find a better painkiller for those headaches.