New policy at Paris Review

I heard from Poetry Editor Meghan O'Rourke that The Paris Review has modified its policy on poetry submissions, as follows:

The Paris Review will continue to publish portfolios, but will now in addition publish single poems in some issues. According to O'Rourke, the decision was about publishing only poets in portfolio, then quickly unmade because there were simply too many good one-off poems to turn them all down.

They now alternate issues with folios -- featuring not two poets but usually more like four -- and issues showcasing single (and more) poems by the same poet.

They also say they're making an effort to publish both emerging and established poets in both areas. An upcoming issue will consist almost entirely of work that came to us through the proverbial "slush."

So put TPR back on your list of desirable places to publish poetry, if you had crossed them off over the portfolio policy. It's open season again with single poems and for emerging, not already famous poets.