Wonderful concert at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral

Friends of mine have organized what is sure to be a moving, vibrant and beautiful choral concert, Love's Perfect Design. The event, to be held on Sunday, November 19 at 3 pm at Grace Cathedral, will honor David Hogan, a composer of liturgical music and conductor of several Bay Area choruses. David died ten years ago in the crash of TWA Flight 800. His daughter, Hilary Hogan, has followed in her father's musical footsteps and is making her SF debut as lead soloist in this event. Hilary and her mother, Terry Hogan Johnson, organized the concert for this tenth anniversary year to honor David Hogan's memory and extraordinary life in music.

Beautiful music made by some of the loveliest voices and hearts I know. They've taken what could be a tragic anniversary and are turning it into a lovely, uplifting performance. Members of several choruses will participate. If you're in the area, don't miss it! The soaring spaces of Grace Cathedral will be quite a place to enjoy these compositions by David Hogan and others. You can order tickets at the linked website above.