Blogrolling & NaPoMo

One of my new year's resolutions is to clean up my online act. Included in that will be to update my blogroll more often. I was aghast (yes, aghast!) to find that a number of the links were obsolete, or that the most recent entries were around 12 months ago. With so much to read on the blogosphere, there's no excuse for pointing people to dead-ends. This blog will endeavor to appear more often and to contain more current and updated information.

National Poetry Month is coming up. Last year at the Gazebo we had a thread for those celebrating the occasion by writing a poem a day -- the NaPoWriMo Exercise, as it came to be known. What are you doing to celebrate? I like the suggestion at about memorizing a poem in honor of NaPoMo. It's so much less work! But yes, I do intend to do the daily poem exercise again. Results will not be posted here. I made a deal with my Muse.