Umbrella's Up

The new issue of Umbrella is out -- open it up and enjoy the excellent work assembled by editor Kate Bernadette Benedict. Be sure not to miss Chris Mooney-Singh's selections from his series, Bonehead Ghazals.

I have a poem reading on Bob Marcacci's show The Countdown at Miporadio. Program #20 includes a reading of my "Wine Under a Fig Tree." Sadly, it's not my reading, as I couldn't figure out how to get a decent sound level from my #%*&@+!! built-in mic on this iMac. If somebody has a tip, it will be appreciated.

Speaking of poetry recordings, and shameless self-promotion (see last blog), if you're interested in hearing poetry online, you can sample some of my CD, A God You Can Dance, over at CDBaby. My favorite of the cuts is "A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" -- mainly because I won a free drink once in Hawaii for being able to pronounce it. Naturally, I then had to write a poem. Unfortuantely, CDBaby links that title to the wrong poem -- click on it and instead you get "The Whim," a group reading of a poem. Ah, technology, the joy!

For some weird reason, Amazon now lists the CD at $38 for a used CD. Forget that. You can write me directly and I'll sell you one for $15 + $2 postage.