Last Night NaPoWriMo

I have been very impressed with the daily poems I read from our little group. Also with the diligence and determination to finish the poem-a-day thing for April. I nearly made it -- a few gaps, but I have good excuses. The dog ate my poem. I got a virus and the virus ate my poem. I got a virus and couldn't think through the phlegm in my nose, throat, ears -- pretty much everything from the tonsils up.

But even so, I think I only missed about five days. I had scribbles, unfinished. I could count those and say I did it. BUt the truth is I came close.

One of the reasons I came close, instead of making it, was that I stopped to revise along the way. I couldn't help it. I even stopped to submit a few new things. Thus proving that it really is true, the time you take to submit stuff takes away from the time to generate new work.

Unless you're retired, and then what's your excuse?