That last blog was pure coconut cream pie and local anesthetic speaking -- the giddy relief from back pain. I would like to retract it, but I just stated elsewhere that I'm very interested in rough drafts and the process of time in working out a piece of writing, so the sad thing is I am honor-bound not to delete that late-night gobbledygook. (And if you must indulge after reading thing, check out this healthy recipe. I esp. love the Himalayan salt.

In that regard, I was steered to a magazine you probably know all about, LUNGFULL! "Poetry in progress" might be its subhead (hint to editors). Especially of interest is the area How The Editors Decide What To Accept Or Reject. The magazine (print) boasts big and little names (but are there really any little poets?) in every issue. I just wish they would post samples on the website (BIG HINT to editors).

The antithesis to LUNGFULL! is Quickmuse, which does have a subhead "Poetry under pressure." As I am engaging in the NaPoWriMo, or poem-a-day for April, I have recently had some experience with this. The poem composed at

Whether you like your poetry raw, al dente or thoroughly cooked, you'll enjoy these sites. I got the idea of wanting to look over the poet's shoulder while reading through the fascinating Elizabeth Bishop work-in-progress/stasis, Edgar Allan Poe and the Jukebox. I especially like the handwriting (almost medical in its obfuscation) and the alternate words she places in the margins in parentheses, to ponder.

(Can this blog count for my poem today?)