More Bloghopping

Autumn Sky Poetry - a smart, fresh online magazine. Some excellent work in this new issue, and a beautiful visual experience, with well-chosen photos and eye-friendly colors and layout.

Editor Christine Klocek-Lim in the recent issue likens good poetry to carrying things when on crutches: economy and focus are paramount. Well, she put it better than that, but the current issue lives up to that idea. Good images, readable, vivid work. Her blog has excellent resources and links. Take a gander. Sorry about the leg, Christine! I made a similar discovery about crutches focusing the mind on economy of effort when I broke my foot some years ago. I've never forgotten how much effort it took to plan a trip up or down stairs.

Tarpaulin Sky (why do I gravitate to zines with the word "sky" in them?) has a great list of online publications, divided into four categories: those that do accept email subs, those that don't, small presses, and something called Selby's List of Experimental Poetry Magazines. A rich site for poetry.