The Circle Widens + Bloghopping

Cheryl Snell put up a nice notice about my book, Another Circle of Delight, on her blog Shiva's Arms. Look for Cheryl's books there, including the forthcoming Shiva's Arms, a novel. I always like novels by poets. It's almost always a guaranteed good read when prose is written by someone who loves words. As I recall, it was poet and writer Annie Dillard who defined the difference: if you love sentences, write prose; if you love words, write poetry. I could be wildly misquoting, but I think she said it in her fantastic book about writing, The Writing Life. Hardly a writing day goes by that I don't think about that typewriter bursting into flames.

Kate Evans has blogged about the Bay Area oil spill and its impact on bird life. This tragic and, it seems now, avoidable event makes us all sad. An article in the SF Chronicle somewhat offset that melancholy, however, when it cited the great increase in numbers of birds along the Pacific Flyway in recent years. Decreased burning of rice fields, increases in wetlands and other kind acts toward nature by humans are responsible for the resurgence. Unfortunately, that brings lots more birds into the spill zone, which as Kate's item points out, is enlarging daily.

Suzanne Frischkorn has a new poetry book coming out in Autumn of 2008. The book is Lit Windowpane, from Main Street Rag Press. Yay, Suzanne!