It's Here - Another Circle Debuts

My new chapbook is out! Another Circle of Delight has hit the stands (well, okay this blog and my website). I did a preview reading in Crockett at Valona Cafe a couple months ago. Publisher David Alpaugh (Small Poetry Press) found the cover art, which thrilled me. Click on the cover art to see a bigger version. The title and cover art refer to the keynote poem (is that an actual term?), "A Walk After Reading Dante's Paradiso."

If you have a whim to get a copy, it's $8 + $1 postage and handling (envelope), payable by either emailing me your request and I'll give you snailmail info. or using Paypal buttons on my website:

Jeannine Hall Gailey and Christine Potter said nice things about the book -- press release quotable kinds of things, such as:

Because Rachel Dacus believes "we live in a heaven we take great pains to avoid," the poems in Another Circle of Delight connect us with what we've been missing: joy.
-- Christine Potter, author of Zero Degrees at First Light

Rachel Dacus' intelligence and wit serve her well in this chapbook collection as she interrogates the world of the divine and the mysteries of nature.
-- Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of Becoming the Villainess

J & C, thank you so much! I'm just delighted with these kind words.

Having a new book is a good way to begin recovering from a loss: being in that "I have a new book out" circle.