Pushcart nomination!

Thank you, Cindy Reynolds, Editor of Kaleidowhirl, for nominating my poem "A Raft" for a Pushcart Prize! I'm delighted, and especially happy that it came from this excellent zine, one which I have had the pleasure of guest-editing for an issue, and of reading for every issue. Smart choices of work, paired with beautiful images make this a zine you should bookmark. And not just because Cindy was so kind to me.

So I have that lovely glow to add to my thankfulness today, Thanksgiving day. Jon Carroll, SF Chronicle columnist, today has a column on gratitude and its healing power. It's a keeper, the kind of thing to re-read when you hit the low points that make you forget why you live and write.

Happy Thanksgiving! And while we're being grateful, let's raise a toast to all editors and small presses.