Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Rice

It's addictive, it's vocabulary-building, it feeds hungry people and it's free! What could be more appealing than Free Rice? I have only reached a high score of 48, though I understand no one has gone over 50. I promptly dropped back down to a consistent 46, which is still respectable. And I'm learning near words I'll never use in poems. As they're too abstruse. Oh, there's another one.

The new wave of philanthropy is online, individual giving directly to the recipient, or in something different than a gift -- say, a microloan. As a fundraiser, I can predict this will transform the way contributions are made in decades to come, and even possibly affect national economies. And as a fundraiser, I can also say it's a good thing when more giving is less handled by professionals. Though you want to be careful your gifts are going where they're supposed to, and that means professionals will always be needed. But not so needed, and that's perhaps a very good thing.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bloghopping again - fast forward poetry

Blue's Cruzio Cafe -- what poetry will look like in the 21st century, after we get a little farther into the new millennium. Check out "What My Father Loved About Melmac" by David Alpaugh (itself a poem about a paradigm shift) and Marcia Adams' "All the Difference."

And for another forward look at the new ways we might be reading poetry in times to come, MiPoesias. Also on Bob Marcacci's The Countdown, which in Episode 20 featured a reading of my poem "Wine Under a Fig Tree".

Heard as much as read, poetry in the new age will, perhaps, return more to the oral side of the tradition. Except perhaps that a visual dimension might be added. Blue's Cruzio Cafe and Billy Collins' clever animated poetry on YouTube demonstrate a new "animated poetry" form, something new and engaging that is sure to offend many, appeal to many more, and become a force as the technology becomes more accessible (who doesn't have a video camera or a video camera phone?), encouraging a melding of visual and aural arts. Where once marrying static visual art and poetry -- only feasible on the Web -- was state-of-the-art, now marrying video art and poetry is looking like the new-new thing.

At least, that's my guess. And hope.