Bloghopping + new books

For a total trip in a poetry-land you've never imagined could exist -- a sort of Rabbithole Poetry Land, with animation and great readings -- check out Blue's Cruzio Cafe. This is what the Internet can do to change the way you think of poetry forever. A fusion of spoken word, anime, evolving anthology and zine, Blue's Cafe is an experience it's hard to write about. My very favorite is the new animation of Robert Bly's reading, "Stealing Sugar from the Castle."

And yes, I am going to have the honor of joining the Cafe. The next issue will include one of my poem-readings from my CD, A God You Can Dance.

A new book is on my coffee table, and giving me great pleasure. Between work assignments, here and there through the day, I treat myself to a new poem from Barbara Crooker's lovely Line Dance, just released by WordTech. Congrats, Barbara! Go get your own copy, I'm not lending mine!

Another favorite new book -- not new to the world, but new to me -- is Peter Pereira's Saying the World. If translucent is a term we can apply to poetry, that's the one that comes to me when I read these poems. Like water running over stones translucent. The shimmer is in there, though the water looks clear.