Animated Poetry at Blue's Cruzio Cafe

I'm thrilled to have a poetry recording of mine -- "One Night, Light" from my CD "A God You Can Dance" -- appear on Blue's Cruzio Cafe this month.

Appear isn't the right word - how about leap to life? Thanks to JJ Webb's animation talents and the amazing art of Patricia Wallace Jones, I appear as a sort of a Moon Goddess reciting a poem. The occasion of the poem was a Christmas caroling event and the poem triggered some good memories for friends who participated, especially coming out as it did on the birthday of Meher Baba, a spiritual figure I have followed for some time.

Also check out in this issue of Blue's Cafe Ted Kooser's "Selecting a Reader" and Marcus Morton's amazing "Tooth Fairy" poem. In other issues, Robert Bly has a beautiful reading charmingly animated: "Stealing Sugar From the Castle."

Blue's Cafe is a little mysterious to navigate, so I'll give directions to find Bly's poem. To find past issues, click on the upper left hand corner, where it says "Stage Directory -- More Videos." When you arrive at the next page, click on "Stage Upstairs" for archives. You'll see Bly's video on the left side.

On another page, be sure to catch David Alpaugh's "What My Father Loved About Melmac," a hilarious poem about growing up in the 1950s.

Poetry movies -- that's my idea of high culture. Hats off to JJ Webb, the Beau Blue of Blue's Cruzio Cafe. He's a fascinating poet, having edited Zero City, and he's also a Web pioneer - but that's another story. Stay tuned.