Bloghopping in the new year

Interesting idea: an arts Wikipedia. Artist Muses has started up such a site. They have a Poets category. Take a look, get listed, let's watch the network grow.

Billed as "the online community for intelligent optimists," Ode Magazine is a resource for all of us who are tired of getting only the negative news -- and the endless campaigning. You can find uplifting human interest stories about people like the successful cardiologist who started a medical clinic in Jamaica. There's an article about how to tinker your Prius to make its battery more rechargeable and thus more of a green car. And an editorial on Gandhi's legacy for the 21st century.

For fascinating and close readings of poems and poets, take a look at Edward Byrnes' (Valaparaiso Review editor) blog, One Poet's Notes. He has current essays on two of my favorites, Galway Kinnell and William Stafford.