New book review + fresh bloghops

I just reviewed Marilyn Jurich's collection Defying the Eye Chart for Her Circle Ezine and was delighted to discover these poems on music, aging, disability, art and prayer. Jurich's poetry is musical and layered in meaning. They interweave mythology with the everyday in ways that bring the better and worse gods and goddesses of our natures into sharp and often humorous focus. She's a poet of wisdom with a gift for musical language and I'm glad that my new assignment of reviewing books at Her Circle brought Jurich's work to me. One of the delights of reviewing is discovery of new territory. Stay tuned. I'll report here if I find more good stuff.

I'm so used to words on blogs that it was stunning to discovery a blog that's a poetry of sheer imagery -- and I don't mean the verbal kind. Patricia Jones' Image II is one intense poem of line and color after another. It's addictive. Have a look. Don't forget to blogroll it. You'll soon be addicted. Check out the archives for January 2006. I feel about this work the way I felt when I discovered Andy Goldsworthy, that I am looking through the eyes of a pure and thus very freeing and playful art.