Re-imagining places

Ecotone is an interesting journal I just came across, with an interesting mission: re-imagining place. They would like to see "creative work about the environment and the natural world while avoiding the hushed tones and clich├ęs of much of so-called nature writing." I don't know about avoiding hushed tones. I rather like them. Their contest now running is for poems celebrating Charles Darwin. That's as narrow-focus and fascinating as almost any poetry contest I've heard of. August 1 is the contest deadline.

I love writing about landscape, especially Western landscape -- Stegner, Abbey, etc. -- but I'll take any Dillard I can get my hands on, and pretty much any good writing on place. You don't even have to give me a plot, just good landscape. I don't find as much of this kind of writing being published as I'd like. Have any recommendations?