Small magazine living the big questions

Came across Pilgrimage magazine recently. I like what I see, intially intrigued by the ee cumming quote on their front page:

”...For Everything Which Is Natural
Which Is Infinite Which Is Yes...”

But I couldn't find samples of their poetry. I wish they'd post more excerpts online. How else can you figure out if you want to buy or even subscribe to a print magazine?

I was having a discussion about this recently. People were complaining that you can't tell which publishers might like your work, or publish books you would want to buy, if they don't post many samples on their Websites. Some poetry book publishers put no samples up, just blurbs.

We all know about blurbs!

I make it a rule to subscribe to at least three litmags every year. Support the field, and find some new poets. But so few litmags are on the newsstands. It's hard to find all but the biggies to browse.

Editors: more samples online, please! It costs you nothing and will boost sales -- which is supposedly the Number One issue among poetry publishers. It's the best means of advertising -- and it's free to you. Why be stingy with your site?