Bloghopping - some good stops on the poetry trail

The new issue of Umbrella is out. Check out "The Torrid Zone." (Disclaimer: I'm a contributing editor of this magazine.)

New issue of Wicked Alice has a poem by a Rocket Kid.

Hobble Creek Review has one of mine in the archives and an interesting short poem by Corey Mesler in the current issue.

Smartish Pace has started a new Erskine J Poetry Prize competition. You can enter online using Paypal. Of course, I placed as a finalist in the 2007 contest, so yes, I think it's worth entering. The poem is listed on the Web site but not linked, so you'd have to email me to read it.

You will notice a certain bias toward magazines that publish my work. Well, what else would I be reading but poetry selected by friendly editors? Like attracts like. I find the best poetry by reading what my own editors select. Goes for books of poetry too. When I heard Robert Hass speak recently, he gave sensible advice to a young poet to seek out work she likes and then observe who published it, go after those presses to publish her work. Like attracting like.

Really, this whole blog entry was just a sneaky way to announce some of my recent publications.