Facing the inevitable

Life online and life as a poet are often at odds. Time spent here is time away from there, to a larger degree than we might care to admit. That's why I blog only every other week (or month in some cases.)

I don't find poems hiding in my keyboard or computer screen. I do find them hiding in the soles of my shoes (thank you for that prompt to walk into poetry, Naomi!). I do find them en plein air, as the painters say. Is nature my poetic touchstone? Some find them in city skylines, in storm drains, on the edges of their desks. I'm not built that way. So the gaps you perceive in this blog are poem-pauses, the slow time that stokes my creative fires.

If you like to use poetry prompts to stimulate your creativity, check out Totally Optional Prompts, a blog that provides nonstop, interactive writing fuel.

For those of us who are stimulated by paintings and other art forms, try Simply Snickers, a great and eclectic source of painting-prompts for poets.