Over at Diane Lockward's Blogalicious, a three-part article on print magazines that read in the summer. But if you can summon the energy to submit in July, you're a more ambitious writer than I.

Karen Weyant at Scrapper Poet in her "After the Fourth" entry laments summer's general lack of literary industriousness.

And here I am blogging, when I should be licking stamps. Or editing. Or typing up all those poems on scraps of notepaper at the bottom of my purse. Or at least doing some work for my clients.

But bloghopping this morning I discovered Marie Ponsot and Paul Muldoon, two poets with high attention to sonics and the degree of compression combined with clarity I really like in poetry. And best of all, thanks to Jilly Dybka's Poetry Hut blog, I discovered Marilyn Chin, who has all that plus humor and who is a finalist for California Poet Laureate. I hope she wins.